Jody Dancer’s NIA Dance, Pompano Beach

Article from Natural Awakenings – Broward:

Natural Awakenings - Broward

Jody Dancer

“You’re burning fat and calories, building muscles, releasing stress, and giving your heart a workout—but you’re not pounding, running or panting. Your feet are planted, your mind is calm, your body fluid…” Natural Health. Welcome to Nia, a grounded, mindful movement experience that blends the joy of dance, the power of martial arts, and the healing of yoga. Based on the no pain, plenty of gain pleasure principle, Nia is about play—“adult recess”.

A wide variety of music (pop, jazz, classical, Latin, drums, and show tunes) creates the mood and the moves which are all non-impact, hip- and knee-friendly. This “slightly guided” dance party is a venue for self-expression, boosting confidence and easing inhibitions. Participants can lose weight and cellulite while toning their entire body.

The promise of physical results gets many in the door, but it’s the mental, spiritual, and emotional components that keep them coming back. Energize the body, uplift the spirit, intrigue one’s self and bring joy to life.

Location: Star Ballroom, 2305-09 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach. For more information, call Jody Dancer (at Star Ballroom) at 954-383-9667, email, or visit and/or


The above article by Jody Dancer was published in Natural Awakenings – Broward:


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